About Us

NuVida Data Forensics provides consultation, digital forensics  analysis, litigation support and expert witness services to attorneys,  corporations, private investigators, and small businesses for civil and  criminal litigation. 

We have over fifty years of combined experience  working with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Our  forensic examiners are well trained individuals, who have experience in  the proper handling of critical and sensitive collection of digital  evidence. It is very important that the integrity of the evidence does  not get compromised and ensures court admissibility.  

The professionals  at NuVida Data Forensics provide decades of experience in the field of  forensics which allow us to interpret complex digital information and  convert it to a searchable and usable format. NuVida Data Forensics  examiners have assisted with cases including theft of proprietary  information, copyright and patent infringement, medical fraud, trade  secret violations and Infidelity. We can help you design an overall  electronic discovery strategy specific to the case.