Forensic Services

Cell Phone Forensics consists of the extraction of the SMS & Text Messages, phone book, contacts, photos, videos, calls dialed and received and SIM Card data recovery and/or micro SD card.
Cell Phone Forensics
Digital Forensics
Expert Witness
Forensic Imaging
Network Forensics
Password Recovery
Computer Forensic Training
Expert witness service can be provided by our team of experienced certified computer forensic examiners who are comprised of former law enforcement, criminal investigators and IT Professionals.
Digital forensics requires specialized expertise in the collection, preservation and evidence handling suitable for presentation in a court of law. Given the law enforcement background of our trained forensic specialists, we handle all cases as if they are criminal investigations using many of the same techniques. The analysis includes the recovery of deleted and hidden data, E-mails, websites visited and identifying who created a file or message.
Password Recovery can be performed in the event the password on a protected computer or file has been lost or forgotten.
Forensic Imaging is the creation of a bit-by-bit exact copy of the original digital media. This process consists of verifying the original media and the exact copy have identical hash values and the evidence formats are admissible in court as evidence.
Network Forensics consists of a review of the network infrastructure events in order to discover how the security breach,
hacking or computer intrusion took place.