Corporate Services

Corporate Litigation Prevention Package
Data Recovery
Internet Profiling
Incident Response
Litigation Support/Consulting
Online Case Review
Web and Internet Abuse Analysis
Corporate Litigation Prevention Package consists of a forensic image created of the former employee’s workstation. This will allow you to preserve the evidence to perform an examination at a later time if claims of theft of intellectual property or proprietary data or wrongful termination are brought up in litigation. We will also provide training for your internal IT support to perform on-site forensic image.
Web and Internet Abuse Analysis will provide you with information on what websites the computer has accessed and during what hours of the day.
Our experts in data recovery can help you recover your deleted family vacation pictures or recover from an accidental formatting of your hard drive. As long as your drive has not suffered mechanical failure we can generally recover your data. If your drive has a hardware failure we can send it to our lab and depending on how severe the hardware failure/damage is, it could be possible to recover some of your data. You would need to be given an estimate prior to us proceeding with the data recovery.
We offer services for storing and accessing your searches on our servers. Our forensic experts can assist you in narrowing the number of files that is needed to review in your discovery motion.
Internet Profiling is a service that provides a client with the information left on the Internet by either a future client or employee. Questions as what have they been posting or who do they associate with? Can be answered.
The goal of our incident response service is to provide the client our extensive experience in analyzing and assessing network incidents involving the compromise of critical financial and customer data loss.
Our years of law enforcement experience can provide invaluable insight in matters relating to preparation and litigation of cases involving digital evidence.
NuVida Data Forensics provides the clients with real-time access to an online case review via our secure host. This will allow a litigation team working from different areas of the country to collaborate, review and organize discovery documents in preparation for trial. We offer unlimited users and no time limitation per case based on your budgetary needs.